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  • Renee Collins Cobb

Kentucky Music Mafia's BIG Win for Album of the Year at The 9th Annual Josie Music Awards

Written by Renee Collins Cobb, M.Ed. and Warren Cobb, B.A.

In 2018 Shannon J & Toby Ray got together and started making the first sounds of what would become “ Kentucky Music Mafia", a whole different kind of country style music. In early 2021 they met and added to the group Roy Caudill . These three have really been doing it up right since then.

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They also did it up right at this year's Josie Music Awards with a BIG win for Album of the Year - Outlaw/ Modern Country Genre! This makes the second straight year they have been on the Grand Ole Opry Stage to accept a JMA, however, this year's trip was made even more special when Shannon, Toby and all other winners got to stand in the highly revered Grand Ole Opry "circle" front and center to deliver their thanks to God, their fans and family.

Shannon J grew up in Louisville, Ky., raised by his eastern Kentucky-born grandparents. They raised him on George Jones, Hank Williams JR., Stanley Brothers, Keith Whitley, and a lot more greats. He prides himself on being a proud American and preaching family values. He was introduced to rap music at a young age, and once he started making music, he blended both styles between country and rap and hasn’t looked back since then.

Toby Ray is a native of Louisville, KY. He loves to tour the country, perform, meet new people, see new places, and experience new things. He is a good-hearted, down-home, southern-bred country boy. His roots run deep In the Appalachian Mountains, throughout the hills of eastern Kentucky.

Roy Caudill was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky in a little town called Hazard. He has always had a love for country music. He was raised by his grandparents, who taught him to work hard and treat others the way he would want to be treated. His Grandma had a huge musical influence on him by encouraging him to sing gospel music in church.

The Josie Music Awards theme is "Chase Your Dreams - Be Part of Something Big" and this trio has been doing "BIG" Things for awhile now. The trio was awarded 2022 Group of the Year at The Josie Awards , held at Grand Ole Opry . Their chart topping 2022 hit “Hank And The Drinkin” quickly became a fan favorite and this song was "instrumental" in getting this duo finally get the recognition they well deserve. This year also brought them the Josie Music Award stage as winners in the highly esteemed category of Album of the Year, in the Outlaw and Modern Country genre.

Kentucky Music Mafia brings a whole different kinda country style to the music world which they call “Outlaw Mountain Music”.

They do it their way and the music is a mix of country, bluegrass, rock, r&b and hip hop all in one. These guys put everything into the music they put out and truly believe in everything they record for their fans.

Overtones LIVE recently had the opportunity to talk with Kentucky Music Mafia at the Radiolex Greyline Station Studio about their nominations. Congratulations to Kentucky Music Mafia on their Josie Music Award Win and we wish them the greatest success in 2024.

Renee Collins Cobb, M.Ed. and Warren Cobb are Executive Producers of Overtones LIVE and Co-Owners of Listen Locally, LLC, as well as Executive Directors and Founders of Room 17 Productions, a non-profit 501c3 organization. We are also partners in Dreamland Entertainment Group and The Scribe TV Network.

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