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GRIMZLEE Brings Unique Alt-Rock Sound to Berea's Rebel Rebel Lounge on January 13th

Grimzlee is a producer and singer/songwriter out of Nashville, TN. He is also the guitarist of the metal band Atrial. Grimzlee is the best new artist making waves from the underground and on January 13th, he will be making some waves at Rebel Rebel Lounge in Berea, KY supported by bands Center of a Tension and Audiophile. Grimzlee makes music that has an alternative feel mixed with rock and he writes his music for "the sad kids that just wanna be happy".

Grimzlee began on April 15, 2022, with the release of his first song "Break in Me". For five years, he has played in a metal band called Atrial where he has spent time experimenting and consequently has grown as an artist. Although he enjoys collaborating with a full band, his musical passions cross into many influences outside the traditional metal genre.

His journey from playing in the metal band Atrial to his solo alternative rock project Grimzlee has been quite a feat. We asked Grimzlee how this transition has shaped his approach to music creation and performance.

"Atrial’s metal nature and the style for Grimzlee go hand in hand. Learning how to write with Atrial led me to explore more concepts as Grimzlee; I really was able to cut my teeth with Atrial. I bring a lot of elements from the metal genre into what I do with Grimzlee but I don’t let any single genre define the sound, bouncing from alternative rock to shoegaze and more. I think that really keeps the two parts of my artistry different."

His release titled "Miss Reaper" from his recent album "A Tale Quite Grim" has been a phenomenal success, amassing over 3.5 million Spotify Stream - a success that was unexpected by this dynamic artist and one that equally unexpected to have such a massive resonance with his listeners. While he is appreciative, he definitely thinks his music has grown miles from that release and feels fans of "Miss Reaper" would probably enjoy "Demons Pray" - another song off this album that he hopes more people will discover. "Miss Reaper" was only his second independent song and at the time he was still learning and figuring things out both musically and artistically.

Grimzlee's music spans across various genres, blending elements from alternative rock, pop punk, shoegaze and post-hardcore with haunting melodies. As a self-produced artist, he has worked hard to navigate these genre boundaries while maintaining his own unique sound. He does this by maintaining a melancholy yet hopeful feel to all the songs with his vocal and lyric mix that so far - has kept all of his songs feeling cohesive.

"I love exploring genres and not letting them suffocate me by the boxes of what they are “supposed” to be. I love knowing that my fans can’t possibly know what’s coming next. It’s exciting and pushes me to continue to innovate and explore my sound"


 The music of Grimzlee also often tackles themes of perseverance through mental struggles and as a result, his personal experiences and emotions tends to influence his songwriting process.

"My music is about personal struggles I have experienced, typically around the time I create each song. I always want the instruments to feel the same as the lyrics so that they take on the song’s theme together — a feeling of anxiety, of depression, or of being lovesick. Through this cohesion, I hope people understand that they are not the only ones to experience their struggle; they are heard and understood."  

The Foo Fighters and Bring Me The Horizon have been significant influences shaping his approach to music. One of his goals is to have listeners experience the same feelings of falling in love with music as he did with The Foo Fighters and BMTH by making a goal for them to FEEL the soundwaves and lyrics deep insider and to feel a deep connection that transcends and extends beyond words. He enjoys creating music with the intention of evoking similar emotions and connections with his audience and most often a fan lets him know they were moved by his song in that way.

"The goal is to foster community and unity through creating a space where everyone feels important."

Collaborations and influences seem to have played a significant role in Grimzlee's musical evolution and he names Johnny Goth, Chino Moreno from Deftones, and Oli Sykes from BMTH as the established and emerging artists he would love to collaborate with in the near future to explore even more new sonic territories.

When Grimzlee hears that his music has moved a fan, it’s still a fresh feeling that is crazy to hear. he tells us it's always amazing, because he knows his music is doing what he set out for it to do.

"When I get messages along those lines, I don’t feel quite worthy of it yet because part of me is just baring my soul to likeminded friends. It is awesome to know the music has had that effect on people’s lives already, because there’s so much more to come"  

His 2023 performance with Atrial at The Ridglea Metal Fest in Dallas was an exhilarating experience for Grimzlee - one that required him to adapt his stage presence and energy for more diverse audiences, considering his individual and unique eclectic musical style. The goal of that festival was to "show out and go hard", and even though we weren't partying like that audience, they wanted to "go as crazy as the fun-loving crowd." Grimzlee, as an act, is so different from Atrial in that his performance is more of a personal experience with a singular lead.  

"While the crowd feeds off Grim, Atrial feeds off the crowd. Atrial is more of a physical adventure while Grimzlee is more of an emotional experience."

Grimzlee's career trajectory as an independent artist has been remarkable, garnering substantial Spotify streams and monthly listeners in just over a year and a half in the industry and with almost every climb, his first hill was figuring out what sound he wanted to embrace. The second hill was learning how to deal with legitimate criticism while knowing that there were actual people listening to his songs. He never expected substantial streams, so when it happened, he had to build coping mechanisms for the spotlight he found himself under.


With his January 13 show at Rebel Rebel in Berea fast approaching, we asked Grimzlee what fans expect from his live performance and if he had any surprises or new elements he was excited to showcase on stage.

"I’ll be playing many new songs off my debut album that I have yet to play live. With a full band for the first time, those in attendance will get to witness the birth of the Grimzlee experience. The audience will be able to grow with me as we build out the show together. Together, we will turn the Grimzlee performance into something I’m proud of."

Grimlzee will be appearing with guests- Center of a Tension and Audiophile -at Rebel Rebel Lounge on January 13th and 7PM EST.

Tickets are $5 for students and $10 for adults.

For More Information,

Doors at 6pm * $10 General Admission, $5 for students * Food truck & bar from Peg & Awl.

Birmingham Alternative Rock Band AUDIOPHILE plays a mix of Alternative Rock with Pop Punk guitar riffs and hip hop inspired choruses.

Local favorite CENTER of a TENSION is a band brimming with heartfelt familiarity, youthful energy, and upbeat affection. Formed in 2019 in Berea, KY, CENTER of a TENSION is made up of brothers Chase and Brandon Burdette (guitars, vocals) and their cousin Evan Burdette (drums, vocals). With fast-paced guitar chops, vintage rockabilly grooves, and occasional rap vocals, they classify their sound simply as “Alternative Rock.” Their unique fusion of genres has garnered them comparisons ranging from Nirvana to Weezer to Rage Against the Machine. 

Renee Collins Cobb, M.Ed. and Warren Cobb are Executive Producers of Overtones LIVE and Co-Owners of Listen Locally, LLC, as well as Executive Directors and Founders of Room 17 Productions, a non-profit 501c3 organization. We are also partners in Dreamland Entertainment Group and The Scribe TV Network.

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