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Recorded in the great state of Kentucky

If you're looking for an always interesting radio show to listen to, Overtones LIVE is for you. Our multi-genre radio show's live performances and interviews are recorded before a weekly audience at various venues within Kentucky which support live original music of all genres.

We are proud to serve the Kentucky and Tri-state area with the most inspiring and engaging radio content out there. Check out our schedule and tune in to experience our entertaining and top shelf quality live music performance shows. We hope to become your favorite radio show!

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Overtones LIVE is recorded weekly and mixed by one of the incredible members on our team of professional sound engineers!

The Best Music On Air

Here are nine reasons the artists on Overtones LIVE always sound so great each and every week as the show is taken from the stage to the studio to the air airwaves. Please give it up for this incredible collaborative of quality sound talent, engineers, recorders, mixers and masters who are “working in concert” on shared rotation with Overtones and the artists in producing a great experience, radio show and podcast for the local artists who are guests on the show. April Edwards- CMV Music Productions, Vearnie Scott Gray- Austin City Saloon Corbin KY Danielle Elizabeth Barkman- Nitrosonic Mastering House, Andrew Hill- Tipsy Cow Bar Georgetown Dwayne King- Studio 215, Nathan Pendleton, Matthew Florez, Garrick Howell- Jobu’s Rum Recording Studio, and Austin Jones!


Our All-Star Co-Hosts

"Overtones LIVE" is really thankful to have so much support from the music community in making this weekly show happen and sound so good on the air for Episodes 101-121! These individuals have all “served time” as fabulous guest celebrity co-hosts and I feel this makes our approach to bringing you the best this state has to offer music fans - to be both unique and special. Musicians Supporting Other Musicians (MSOM) is a way we combine the talents of everyone in helping make each other shine on the stage and on the air. Thanks to all of you for the talents you bring to this musical table each and every week! We thank Kevin Holm-Hudson, Sarah Beth Terry, Josh Bogard, Em Jamison, Trish Torline, Anna Kline, Becky Owens, Justin Riley, Whitney Adams, Reed Fields, Wakita Young, Brianna Shea, Tanner Blevins, Romana Bereneth, Colin Michael, Donovan Howard, David Napier and Rick Potter.