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What folks are saying about Overtones LIVE

Mary Clark

Mary Clark

WRFL Grad Assistant for Events and Marketing
Former Program Director at WLXU

"It was clear from the day that Renee and Warren walked into Lexington Community Radio - now Radiolex - that they had a deep care for local music and were thoroughly dedicated to the idea of Overtones and the planning it would take to pull it off, an idea that has now grown beyond their initial pitch and has extended into social media and live performances as well. The fact that the show has made it to such a huge milestone is a testament to their commitment! I've enjoyed seeing so many wonderful musicians and collaborators on the program and am looking forward to what the next 100 episodes will bring to the local and regional music community."

Kevin Dalton

Kevin Dalton

Kevin Dalton and The Tuesday Blooms

"I've been fortunate to have appeared on Overtones several times over the past three years. I am so grateful for Renee and all involved for what they do to support regional musicians. It has helped get my music out to be heard by new listeners and also has led me to meet some other amazing musicians and songwriters. Overtones has become somewhat of a home place that has brought together a family of artists. Thank you so much for building an amazing community and connection between artists and listeners."

Jenn Marie McDaniel

Jenn Marie McDaniel

Jenn Marie McDaniel and The Bruce

"I am super thankful for the folks behind Overtones LIVE! The support, dedication and time put into recording, editing and promoting local music and musicians goes above and beyond. They not only promote your music across multiple outlets regularly, but they truly care about your well being as friends who treat you like family, lending a helping hand or word of advice in time of need. Thank you for all that you do!!"

Justin Riley

Justin Riley

Eight Daze Sober

"We were very excited to work with people whose goal has always been to support the local music scene. Our experience with Overtones LIVE has been nothing but good vibes and mutual love for the local music scene. We were very honored to be a small part of something great and would always choose to do so in the future. We are excited for what Overtones LIVE and Renee have in store for the music community in the future."

Jessica Blankenship

Jessica Blankenship

Kentucky Country Music

"It is amazing to hear 100 unique episodes of pure musical talent and the stories behind the songs through Overtones. Many congrats on reaching a milestone to help spread the love of music and people who create it! May there be even more episodes that celebrate the musicians."

Jason Howard

Jason Howard


"Overtones LIVE is such a great experience for musicians, bands, fans, and music lovers. This is because it is hosted and managed by musicians, music lovers and simply put, great people. To have the honor of sharing music to a live recording audience, to have the outlet to detail the stories behind the songs and the creative process is an opportunity that many musicians and bands never get. The Overtones LIVE staff is top tier when it comes to creating a comfortable and an art conducive environment, with great hospitality for the live audience, a wonderful space to perform, magical sound engineering, profesional delivery of the programming and the kindest and warmest of hosts. Rifletown thanks the entire Overtones LIVE team for making us feel welcomed and special enough to take the stage and for also allowing our family and fans the chance to be part of the show! Thank you Renee Collins Cobb, Rachel Crowe, Warren Cobb, Garrick Howell, Chris Slater, Austin Brashear, and David Howard."

Katelyn and Samantha Daugherty

Katelyn Daugherty and Samantha Daugherty

Magnolia Vale

"Our experience on Overtones LIVE, as well as our in studio performance, was nothing short of amazing. Everyone was so warm and welcoming! It was an absolute honor and such a blast to be able to share our music through overtones! We are truly grateful for our experience and the opportunities it has brought us!"

Sydney Adams

Sydney Adams

Sydney Adams Music

"I had a great time at my Greg Austin tribute. It was really nice to be a part of something like that for someone who is such a large part of the Lexington music scene whether people realize it or not. Chris and Garrick performed as well, and it was nice to finally see them live. I fell in love with the song I was given to perform, and actually have it requested at some of my performances now. It’s always a pleasure being on overtones. I’m also looking forward to the 100 episode of overtones, it’s definitely something to celebrate. Renee, Rachel, Warren, Whitney, all work tirelessly to promote Kentucky artists, and I truly appreciate it, so be sure to tune in to their big 100th show!"


Joslyn & The Sweet Compression

Original Funk and Soul band

"Overtones is deeply dedicated to exposing, and helping prosper, the wealth of musical talent present in this region. We’ve enjoyed talking to Renee about our music and the regional scene every time we’ve appeared."

Donovan Howard.jpg

Donovan Howard

Donovan Howard Music

"Overtones Live, what can I say but thank you. I dont know of any other organization that does more to help promote, support and give a voice to local music. No genres, no attitude just music and love it spreads. These folks are that part of the scene that holds the scene together. Thank you and I look forward to your 1000th episode. Overtones live standing together for the greater good of our Kentucky music scene."

Jim C3.jpg

Jim Cundiff

Owner, Off The Trail Photography

"Overtones LIVE is an amazing journey for both the featured artists and the listener, whether live during the recordings or later on the radio. Being fortunate, blessed really to photograph as many of the events as I can attend, Overtones LIVE is simply amazing for the opportunities they provide our regional musicians. As a music lover and photographer, I can't say enough good about the work Renee and Rachel (and Warren and the rest of the crew) do to bring rising talent the opportunity to be heard. From established regional favorites to musicians much earlier in their career, Overtones LIVE brings eyes and ears to music that we might otherwise miss. With the amount of musical talent in our region currently, all these voices that need to be heard, Overtones LIVE is a huge part of making sure that happens. Attend one session if you get the chance, you'll see." firsthand that this show is all about the music and musicians. So glad I get to document a session here and there making sure that happens. Attend one session if you get the chance, you'll see firsthand that this show is all about the music and musicians. So glad I get to document a session here and there."


Josh Bogard

📷 by Pineapple Motion Photography"Entertainer of the Year" Josie Award Winner, Nashville Recording Artist

"Being a part of the Overtones LIVE show was absolutely amazing! They are giving artists a way to express ourselves and spread the love of music for all to hear. So grateful to be a part of a large music family."

Mark Royse.png

Mark Royse

Executive Director, RADIOLEX

"Congrats to Overtones on their 100th episode. RADIOLEX is honored to have been the launching pad for a show that has done so much to showcase Kentucky talent. Renee & Warren and their Listen Locally mission have made an indelible impact on the local music scene. Overtones LIVE at Austin City Saloon has allowed their work to continue even during the pandemic. Can't wait to see what the next 100 shows have in store..."


Greg Austin

Country music legend
Namesake of the Austin City Saloon

"My old friend and band mate, Ray Adams, asked me to do a radio show with him and his band mates. Ray knew that I do not like doing those kinds of things, and he knew that I'm not way good at interviews! I've always been nervous about saying the wrong thing. After ten minutes, Warren and Renee made me feel at home, and I actually enjoyed the entire thing. They were so professional and knowledgeable about my music and the business of music.
Since that first experience, I've done other shows with them and have enjoyed every one. One in particular I did with Puddin' (Garrick Howell), we discussed alcohol and drugs in music at all levels. Listening to many of their shows, I'm a fan. They are fun, professional, and kind ~ Love & Kisses"


My Brother's Keeper

Bluegrass/Gospel Group

"My Brother's Keeper had a wonderful time on Overtones Live. The staff and volunteers were fun and professional, the hosts were respectful and insightful , and audience was attentive and receptive. It's great to be able to play and have the music reach so many people on the airwaves and in person. A jam session broke out afterwards, and that was just a cherry on top of a great night!"


Tommy Cate

Harp player extraordinaire and member of
Kevin Dalton and The Tuesday Blooms

"Sheesh… How danged lucky can you be to have a program like Overtones right here in our own back yard? Renee and Warren have consistently supported local music but Overtones really took that support to the next level. Performing musicians have always been able to post our performances on various media but Overtones gives us a professional outlet that highlights our art and makes us look and sound good! And now they’re spreading their coverage to more and more radio stations. Who knows? Today it’s Kentucky, tomorrow it’s the good ol’ US of A and the next day it’s world domination! Yeah! Thanks Overtones team and Renee and Warren for all you do! We love you!"


Bedford Band

Rock and Blues band

“Once in a blue moon do you find a live show recording with this consistent quality throughout the entire show production. In a time where art is on the back burner Renee, Warren and Rachel have found a way to bring it to each and everyone of us through means of online facilitation. Austin and his crew at Austin City Saloon deliver high fidelity audio every time. They have it down to a science. It’s what allows them to capture such a clean and crisp audio/visual through the lens and mics. That’s how they bring it straight into our living rooms, our cars and into our hearts. We definitely recommend this show to other artists who are trying to put their hard work out there! Thanks to everyone involved!"


Travis Napier

Travis Napier Music

"Overtones Live at the Bluegrass Barrel House is one of the best shows around that showcases the amazing and talented singers and songwriters of Kentucky. It’s been a blessing just to be able to mingle with other songwriters and artists, and to trade ideas and write songs together. It’s family to me."


Lyssa Culbertson

Head Writer, Hillbilly Hippie Music Review
Co-Host, Underground: Music Discovered Podcast

"Music is a labor of love, whether you’re writing it, playing it, listening to it, promoting it, or involved in any facet in the industry. Anyone who knows anything knows that it’s not a profession—or hobby—you embark on to get rich: it’s heart work. It’s the soul of the matter. It’s the spirit of the passion. It’s a labor of love that takes a village to keep alive. Renee Collins Cobb, host of Overtones Live, is a force who embodies all of those qualities in her devotion to the Appalachian music scene. Each week, she presents a showcase of regional acts live from the historic and world-famous venues in KY on Overtones LIVE. Not only is the show special because of the music it bestows upon the world from its grassroots framework, but it’s unique because it’s solely female ran—an impressive feat in today’s typically male-dominated industry."


Trippin Roots

Americana/Folk Lexington Music Award Winner 2022

I wish I had words worthy of conveying the time, energy, passion and genuine love that Renee and Warren put forth in helping the local music community, both in the forefront and behind the scenes. The write ups they have done for us(Trippin Roots) and all the other artists who have had the opportunity to be involved in the overtones family have been heartfelt and honest, with a touch of personality that shows just how much they honestly care about lifting the community and it's artists up, and I want to thank you so much for what you do! Much love! -Trippin Roots


Clarke Sexton

Photo by Off The Trail Photography

"Overtones Live is a driving force in the Kentucky music scene. The passion and support they pour into Kentucky artists and musicians pushes this scene forward and propels artists like myself into new opportunities. I’ve been fortunate to work with Renee Warren and the wonderful folks at Overtones several times and they treat me like family and continue to support my endeavors.
The content they have graciously allowed me to create with them has not only been fun and organic in the process of doing it, but has genuinely benefited my career.
Thank you Overtones!"


Rick Potter

Kentucky Singer/Songwriter

"I know first hand how much work goes into what Renee and Warren do each week. I ran Callihan’s Acoustic Jam Session in Ashland, KY for over ten years. I had the opportunity to host some incredible artists such Sean Whiting, Cole Chaney, Luna & Mountain Jets and Holly Forbes. The dedication it takes to consistently bring great artists to the mic week after week takes hard work and passion. I’ve had the honor to Co-Host and play in Overtones Live songwriters round. Renee and Warren truly love local live music and promoting these incredible musicians. Overtones Live provides a truly professional outlet to help current and upcoming artists have their music heard. Thank You so much for all you do."


Zac Hart

Nashville Recording Artist

"Renee and the entire Overtones crew have been so incredible to me since the day we met. They truly LOVE and care about what they are doing as well as the artists that they bring in to support and allow them to share their stories. Overtones has become such an important part of lifting up, encouraging, and shinning a light on the music that is coming out of Kentucky artists right now and I know that it is only going to continue to grow into something even bigger in the near future. I’m so happy and honored that we were invited on for a show. I’m very proud to be from Kentucky and have a place where artists from Kentucky can come together and share our music and celebrate it together. I cannot wait for the day that we get to be back again to share more music and bring our full-band along!"
Zac Hart, Nashville Recording Artist


Rags and Riches

Pop-Rock Band

"Renee & Warren are an absolute pleasure to work with! They wholeheartedly care and admire local music. We, RAGS AND RICHES, have received nothing but encouragement and support from the Overtones Live crew. We wanted to take time to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for inspiring, advocating, and making all that they do happen! The Kentucky music scene is in the best hands with Overtones Live."


Phoebe White

Josie Music Award Winner
Jr Vocalist of the Year
Performer on The Kentucky Opry, Renfro Valley, Kentucky Music Hall of Fame

“I appreciate being invited to perform at Austin City on Overtones Live. It was a fun show, a great audience, the posters & coloring pages were super, & I am grateful for the opportunity!”


Mike Anglin

Bass Player, "Overtones LIVE Presents The Goodwin Brothers"

"It has been my pleasure to work with Overtones LIVE recently on The Goodwin Brothers live video, “Working in Concert”. Renee & Warren Cobb have a vision for live music and they put in countless hours to see their vision through, creating a video that I’m proud to have been part of! This video & recording is the best live project I’ve ever had the honor to be associated with. These folks are 100% professional and I hope I have the privilege to work with them again in the future". - Mike Anglin, Bass


Gil Benson

Fiddler, "Overtones LIVE Presents The Goodwin Brothers"

"The OVERTONES LIVE show recorded at the Tipsy Cow was amazing. The lights, cameras, crowd and energy was so fun. The camera work and audio engineering was outstanding. It was a fun night for sure. The Goodwin Brothers are amazing singers, musicians and entertainers. I was thrilled to be able to join them on their live project. The Goodwin Brothers have a bright future and I wish them success in their endeavors." - Gil Benson, Fiddle



Jeremy Toler

Drums, "Overtones LIVE Presents The Goodwin Brothers"

"Getting to be a part of the Overtones LIVE project was thrilling, to say the least. All of the staff, from Renee and Warren, to the video and sound engineers, made us all feel like we were playing on the biggest stage in the world. Honestly, their excitement for the show seemed to exceed ours. Which is really saying something! The feeling we get before we play a show is always electric. Having that energy matched by all those involved really made the night something special. And, the fact that it was all captured on video, is something so special to me. I now get to relive those moments every time I see a clip or excerpt from that night. I hope everyone that watches gets the same goosebumps I do when they see it!" - Jeremy Toler, Drums


Jonathan Goodwin

The Goodwin Brothers, Member Owner and CEO at Redemption World and Recording Academy/ Grammy's Member

"It was an honor to be invited to "work in concert" with Overtones LIVE. We had a wonderful time with wonderful friends! We as well didn't really know / plan that this would become a LIVE project (otherwise we probably would've rehearsed more and not flubbed up so much!) However, we are thrilled with the work that Overtones has done and we're excited to share it with the world!"



Oliver Sayani

Overtones LIVE Host, Louisville, KY
Singer/Songwriter Blind Feline
Photo by Bill French

"Growing up in a small Appalachian town, me and my friends picked in barns and around campfires, seldomly on a stage let alone on the radio. Overtones Live has provided me and countless artists a platform to be heard, as well as growth opportunities that can and have changed lives. More importantly, in a world of commercial rule, they’re helping carry on the tradition of American roots music. I’m thrilled to be a part of the organization as the host of Overtones Live in Louisville, we’re uplifting local artists and providing listeners with catalogues of great music that will be forever cherished as part of the rich musical culture of this region."

D Boone.png

D Boone Pittman

of D Boone Pittman and The Fugitives

"I found myself at a time in my musical career when I was consumed with frustration and was on the verge of walking away. Through a series of fortunate events, I met Renee and Warren. Her instant support in what I was doing was just enough to keep me pushing forward. When she invited us to be on the Overtones LIVE show, we were all thrilled and honored to be a part of something that does so much to promote the local music scene. But the actual experience of being on the show, the post production, the broadcast, the videos, and the final audio mix were top notch quality and better than I could have ever imagined. The band was instantly promoted and my music was given a voice. We made new connections and a few more doors were opened. Renee and Warren are so great to work with and I hope to work with Overtones again in the future as much I can!"


Holly Forbes

Top 10 finalist on "The Voice" Season 21

From the first moment I saw footage from the Overtones LIVE! shows, I was blown away!  As a Kentucky singer/songwriter, I can honestly say it's incredible to see people like Renee and Warren that genuinely care for local artists. When we were given the opportunity to record our own show, I knew it would be a great time, but Renee, Warren and everyone involved made sure it was a night to remember. They made us feel so welcome, important, and best of all, the content captured was out of this world! Overtones LIVE! is truly a treasure to this area, and so is every single person involved.
We are so thankful for everything you guys do!

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