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Making The Goodwin Brothers YOUR "Everyday Thing"

Written by Renee Collins Cobb and Warren Cobb, Overtones LIVE

"Everyday Thing" New Single Release Debuted #2 on Bluegrass Today's Grassicana Chart

"If you know me at all you know I will rarely will stop and listen. What I can say about The Goodwin Brothers is that I like the songs, the picking and the singing. Well Done!” – Dan Tyminski – Award Winning Singer and Musician

Just when you thought you have experienced too many hours of listening to the current state of music and naming it as over-commercialized, over-produced, and incredibly generic in nature –you hear the music of The Goodwin Brothers and realize that because of their entry into the current state of music - these hours are thankfully- now few and far between.

The Goodwin Brothers and their body of work in musical art evoke more expression, emotion and feeling than words alone can express- so you have to experience it to properly know it. Out of the experience or listening or seeing them perform, you will realize The Goodwin Brothers possess a perfect blend of magnificent artistry, musical expression, and enthusiastic passion that are all signature qualities while clearly making their presence known on the radio, on a stage or on an album. This trifecta compliments a perfect blend and synergy of interwoven bluegrass, country, gospel and pop themes making for something that when the listening ear, the beating heart and the musical mind all open- feels wild, unique, exciting, and at times- chaotic – a musical amusement ride. But in the end brings resolution that occurs without the listener even knowing exactly how they have transformed their individual skills into a band of brothers- all at the same time…all together…and all in perfect harmony.

The official music video for The Goodwin Brothers - "Everyday Thing" from their album "If You Hadn't Noticed" is to be released Summer 2023 on Pinecastle Records. Video filmed by Matthew Hyatt and directed by Jonathan Goodwin. Video features Jeremy Toler, Kisha Royse, Elmer Burchett, David Goose Goodwin, Mike Anglin, Jr. Williams and the Goodwin Brothers. Filmed on location in Preston, KY. at "The Store."

Goose Goodwin Makes His "Acting Debut"in The Goodwin Brothers "Everyday Thing"

Here are FIVE Reasons we feel you should make The Goodwin Brothers YOUR "Everyday Thing"


“Excellent vocal work”! - Doyle Lawson, Bluegrass Legend

The brothers who comprise the eastern Kentucky-born band are anything but newcomers. Jonathan Goodwin and William Goodwin began their musical journeys playing together in the early 90s, when Jonathan was 8 and William 6. Prior to that they spent time singing separately for the most part in church, school plays and events. They even released their first studio album in 1999 when Jonathan was 14, William 12. They began singing on the bluegrass festival circuit across the eastern United States, which projected their unique sound to a level typically reserved for older players with longer careers and expansive discographies.

The definition of "synergy" comes to mind where the sum of the parts is greater than the total of the whole. While the band has received extensive praise, awards and appreciation for their individual vocal proficiency, Chase Bush rounds off their signature three-part harmony providing the icing on an already wonderful musical cake. One can fast conclude that Chase's contributions of a unique background, skills and experience -perfects The Goodwin Brothers sound in a way that sets them apart from many other bands.


It’s hard to capture the feel, phrasing, timing and over all concept of the song from the original performance and first recording. The Goodwin Brothers have done all the above in their Tribute to the Osborne Brothers. I was blown away! Great job and a must hear…” Ronnie Reno – Reno’s Old Time Music

The Goodwin Brothers resurfaced into the music scene primarily as a result of pandemic shutdown which afforded them the time, the desire and the sheer will to assemble the band that their faithful fans get to experience in 2023. During this time, 50,000 people heard a video tribute that was put together to celebrate their musical heroes, The Osborne Brothers. It was in the middle of the pandemic when the Osbornes Brothers (along with around 50k others according to the statistics on their page) heard the video tribute to their musical heroes. Performed as a medley of three classic Sonny and Bobby songs, rave reviews started pouring in for The Goodwin Brothers with names like Dan Tyminski, Doyle Lawson, Diamond Rio’s Dana Williams, Sonya Isaacs Ronnie Reno and even Sonny Osborne himself weighing in on social media - all giving the Goodwins a big round of applause and thunderous approval in their comments.

Ostensibly a bluegrass band performing traditional and classic pop, country and Americana, The Goodwin Brothers have found plenty of opportunities to challenge the notion of what bluegrass “is”. The vocal and instrumental virtuosity on display from opener to closer quickly establishes that these guys are not to be discounted in anyway, shape or form - but instead- are to be admired. Even the most mainstream-trained ears that are the most steeped in grass music will find The Goodwin Brothers sound and presentation to be fresh, consistent and all-around uplifting. They have found creative and playful ways to infuse their bluegrass instrumentation with everything from traditional bluegrass to country ballads to even the most popular genre of rock-n-roll. On any given Goodwin Brothers performance night, one is sure to enjoy influences from multi-genres that showcase the tight, close harmonies and instrumental genius that catapults the music of The Goodwin Brothers to the head of the “newgrass class”

Despite releasing an album in a genre known to spark arguments over what counts as "authentic Bluegrass” - The Goodwin Brothers seem far more concerned with realizing their own vision than hewing to hard-line conventions — like sticking to a strict repertoire of mostly traditional bluegrass songs and standards. The arrival of this band their albums and their live performances seems to speak all these languages at once: unafraid to push the boundaries of its primary genre, and packing the musical chops to bring such an eclectic vision to life.

REASON #3 -They Are Red Carpet Stars

“Check out this harmony- so glad they are back after 20 years!” Sonya Isaacs-Yeary, Award Winning Singer/ Songwriter

Known primarily for their captivating, precise three-part harmony and their electrifying performances, the band has recently been honored with a string of awards and nominations in advance of their single “Everyday Thing”- releasing on Pinecastle Records which released in April 2023. The song is the first taste of their highly anticipated new album coming out later in 2023. After were selected to perform at the 8th Annual Josie Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, TN, they were no longer off the stage before they were back on to receive the award for Best Bluegrass Duo/Group of the Year. In addition, they had received nominations for Fans Choice and Entertainer of the Year.

On March 8th, 2023, The Goodwin Brothers won three out of their six nominated categories at the Lexington Music Awards at the Lyric Theater and Cultural Arts Center in Lexington, KY. The band took home the trophies for Best Bluegrass Band, Critics Choice and Best Keyboardist- awarded to Jonathan Goodwin, who also won the Appalachian Arts and Entertainment Award in Prestonsburg, KY on March 18th, 2023 for Best Guitarist.

The Goodwin Brothers have already achieved significant chart success over the years with previous music releases, including their #2 Bluegrass Today Top 20 Song chart hit, “Barefoot Girl” and other singles like “Anywhere with You” and the Orleans cover “Still The One”. In August of 2022, Overtones LIVE Presents The Goodwin Brothers “Working in Concert” was released on CD, DVD and Vinyl formats. This impressive and ambitious project was filmed, recorded and broadcast for Overtones LIVE Radio Show – based out of Lexington, KY.

Despite releasing albums in a genre known to spark arguments over what counts as "authentic Bluegrass” - The Goodwin Brothers seem far more concerned with realizing their own vision and potential than hewing to hardline conventions — like sticking to a strict repertoire of mostly traditional bluegrass songs and standards. The arrival of this band their albums and their live performances seems to speak all these languages at once: unafraid to push the boundaries of its primary genre, and packing the musical chops to bring such an eclectic vision to life.


"It's got a hard drive to it. It's Scotch bagpipes and old-time fiddlin'. It's Methodist and Holiness and Baptist. It's blues and jazz and it has a high lonesome sound. It's plain music that tells a story. It's played from my heart to your heart, and it will touch you."- Bill Monroe’s characterization of Bluegrass Music.

Bill Monroe’s words are descriptive of what makes The Goodwin Brothers and their debut such a critical point along a storied timeline, one whose innovations offer countless connections between the genre's origins and its future. We can only hope that this project, these harmonies, and this music hints at what they will accomplish in the coming years.

These boys will fit firmly within the ranks of Bluegrass & Americana music — however nebulous, layered and diverse that realm may be. They have only themselves to thank and we will have only ourselves to thank them.



They say "practice makes perfect" but we contend that "PERFECT practice makes PERFECT". We have witnessed The Goodwin Brothers' practices, preparation and backstage routine first hand and the practice session, in itself, is a thing of great musical and artistic beauty. They epitomize what it means to "begin with the end in mind" in all they do and all they say- the prototype and blueprint of the vision turned into most eloquently into action. While the members of this band can evoke their musical genius at any given time and engage an audience at a level that many bands strive for -but few have actually achieved- one simply cannot call this band as anything “less” than that what they truly are- and that is absolutely, without debate – BRILLIANT, INTELLIGENT, CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE.

"When listening to their music or watching them on stage, sit back, relax and close your eyes. Imagine the energy, love and power that is in a room where The Goodwin Brothers showcase their talents. You will find yourself clapping, dancing and singing along to some of the brothers most requested songs." - Renee and Warren Cobb

In providing you with 5 Reasons WHY you should make The Goodwin Brothers YOUR Everyday Thing" here are several ways that show you HOW you can make the Goodwin Brothers YOUR Everyday Thing.

To order your copies of their DVDs, CDs and Vinyl offerings, along with other The Goodwin Brothers Merchandise, here is the link:

For more information and contacts for booking-

The Goodwin Brothers You Tube Channel can be accessed at Hit that SUBSCRIBE button while you are there.

You can order and hear "Everyday Thing" here -

Renee Collins Cobb and Warren Cobb are the Executive Producers of Overtones LIVE Presents The Goodwin Brothers "Working in Concert" and they are Co-Presidents/Owners of Listen Locally, LLC and Co-Executive Directors of Room 17 Productions, a nonprofit organization that promotes music education, live performance, oral history and preservation. Renee is the former host of Red Barn Radio and is the current hosts and executive producers of radio shows titled "Overtones" and “Gray Matters” which airs weekly on WLXU, Radiolex- Lexington, KY, WMMT Appalshop- Whitesburg, KY, WFMP Forward Radio- Louisville, KY, WCYN - Cynthiana and WSVK Pickup Country - Irvine/ Stanton, KY.

Warren is the former Assistant Producer and Talent Manager for Red Barn Radio and now serves as the Executive Producer for "Overtones LIVE" Radio Show and Podcast. They are also the project managers for The Sara Holroyd Oral History Project, The History of the UK Cheerleaders Project, The Greg Austin Story and I Am Diversity at the University of Kentucky Louie B Nunn Center for Oral History. Renee has also served many years in the organizational effectiveness, diversity/inclusion and human resource development fields. She serves as an executive coach, keynote speaker, organizational consultant, facilitator of change and team development coach.

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