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Cody Lee Meece "Racks Up"​ One Great Performance on Debut EP "The Break"​

By Renee Collins Cobb, M.Ed. and Warren Cobb, B.A.

Photo by Meredith Frye of Meredith Frye Photography

Somerset, Kentucky is where singer/songwriter Cody Lee Meece calls home but his musical home and its influence extend far past the hills of Kentucky where he was born and has been raised. Previously a car mechanic by day and a hired guitar player for a variety of bands, the time soon came for Cody to branch out on his own by following his dream of becoming a solo artist and when he did…the results were nothing short of magnificent. His debut EP is titled "The Break" and showcase this type of magnificent we speak of in his original songs- all Cody Lee Meece fan favorites "Sunshine Daydream", "Bringing Your Lovin' Back Home", "Don't Tell Her The Truth", "Tongue Twister" and my personal favorite "Long Gone".

Cody draws his influence and inspiration from a combination and perfect blend of genres including blues, rockabilly, Motown, country and folk. Both a very soulful singer and an accomplished picker, Cody’s blend of all of these genres offer the listener an experience they will not ever to forget.

His live performances are authentic, electrifying and compelling that ignites the spirit and essence of his unique personality, grace, humility and musical acumen. His recordings both document the trajectory of his life experiences while simultaneously providing the listening ear with the raw, pure and perfect emotions of both pain and joy – that most likely creates a connectedness with our own life experiences as well.

Renee Collins Cobb hosting Cody Lee Meece and his band The Catdaddies at one of his many crowd pleasing performances. Warren Cobb, Photographer

"I would describe my songwriting as overcompensating. I've seen some rough roads, and we all hopefully, I always have a song that not only I can say "this is where I have been" but you can hear it and say "yes, I have been there too"

"Everybody keeps trying to tell me that home is where the heart is at...but my heart's long gone and I'm never gonna get it back"

When Cody sings, one can close their eyes and not only see but also place their own selves inside of his story, with picture perfect recollection of their own story. He describes his songwriting style as lazy, brutal honesty. The lyrics in his fan favorite song “Long Gone” after the death of his grandmother sing out, “I don’t know where I’m gonna hang my hat” – engages us all in an invitation for Cody to hang his hat right inside of our hearts as we forever relish the talents of this amazing musician’s contribution to the Kentucky music landscape.

Renee and Warren Cobb are the Co-Presidents/Owners of Collins Consulting Group, Listen Locally, LLC and Co-Executive Director of Room 17 Productions, a nonprofit organization that promotes music education. She is the former host of Red Barn Radio and radio shows titled "Overtones" and “Gray Matters” - a show about unconscious bias” which airs weekly on WLXU, Lexington Community Radio. They are also the project managers for The Sara Holroyd Oral History Project, The History of the UK Cheerleaders Project, The Greg Austin Story and I Am Diversity at the University of Kentucky Louie B Nunn Center for Oral History. Renee has also served many years in the organizational effectiveness, diversity/inclusion and human resource development fields. She serves as an executive coach, keynote speaker, organizational consultant, facilitator of change and team development coach.

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