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Bedford Band is "Working in Concert" with Overtones LIVE on Upcoming New Album Release

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

"The Band The World Never Knew That It Needed, But Knows It Wants"

Photography by Erica Chambers

70’s Rock is now 50 years old, but Bedford is reinventing and reprising it now with their recent album release “Overtones LIVE Presents Bedford- Working in Concert” from their 200th episode recorded LIVE at the historic and world famous Austin City Saloon in Lexington, Kentucky

This release will blend a dash of soul with a whole lot of attitude as fans of this trio can expect to experience rock and roll in a different way than they have before. Bedford has been born, raised and based in Eastern Kentucky, a musical epicenter and home to many artists who are not only finding a place to establish their roots but who are also defining the ingredients of success for the cultural environment needed for their musical harvest to not only survive - but to thrive as well.

Bedford, who has recently signed with Nashville-based Dreamland Entertainment Group, is skyrocketing to the national music scene with something new in their pockets and something vintage in their soul. The band is able to capture lightning – put it in a bottle and share it with the world as a familiar, yet unique sound.

This unequivocal power trio, made up of band members Sam May, Tristan Frazier and Kolby Swiney, has made it their personal mission to re-ignite the fiery passion of rock, infused with a dose of soul. Influenced by world-renowned artists since childhood, Bedford truly brings that “sweet old sound” to the forefront of the modern limelight. A true powerhouse band, its members, all independently talented in their own right, command the stage with a high level of energy and synergy, with not one or two vocals, but three powerful vocals, thundering drums, infectious bass-lines and searing guitar solos.

Bedford is the band that the world never knew it needed, but knows it wants.

Keeping with recurrent themes in their original lyrics and introducing the next hot sound- one can check out their talent all across the state of Kentucky and beyond. Bedford released their first album “Content” in 2018 with prominent tracks such as “Bone Orchard Blues” and “Mr. Man”. 2019 brought yet another brilliant album release “A Trip to the Sun” with heavy cuts such as “Jump Into the Sun” and “The Castaway”.

Photography by Erica Chambers

While the entire music industry and community nearly grounded to a halt with the pandemic, Bedford - believing when there is a musical will, there is always a musical way- productively utilized this time to re-focus and set their sights well beyond the barriers of the confinement the world was experiencing at the time. Currently in progress of recording their upcoming self-titled record “Bedford”, the band is pushing full steam ahead into a bright musical future that everyone will want to experience.

Overtones LIVE Hosted by Renee Collins Cobb showcased the work of Bedford for the recording of their landmark 200th episode filmed at the world famous and historic “Austin City Saloon in Lexington, KY. This recording evolved into the next album project for Bedford. The album release titled “Overtone LIVE Presents Bedford Working in Concert” features the best of the songwriting work over the past six years of the band’s formation including fan favorites “A Song for A Friend”, “No Crown”, and “Free”.

Dates for release on itunes, spotify and other platforms will be announced soon!

Photography by Erica Chambers

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