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Sam Roark Wins The Josie Music Awards Country Female Vocalist of the Year at The Grand Ole Opry

The 9th Annual Josie Music Awards were held in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry on October 22, 2023. The Josie Music Awards are the largest, most respected, revered award and prestigious events and association in the independent music industry. Their theme is "Chase Your Dreams - Be a Part of Something Big."

With the addition of this years JMA honor, Sam Roark has now won "BIG" at the Josie Music Awards an incredible and outstanding THIRD year in a row.

Sam has been nicknamed "Americas' Honky Tonk Angel" and associated by many Nashville music critics to be a true Kentucky Country Gem. She was born and raised in Manchester, a small southeastern Kentucky town in Clay County. She started singing at age 3 and playing piano at age 5. Her “calming voice” has reminded many critics of the great country female singers of the 60s and 70s. (Photo by Julianna Montoya)

Her first three released singles all made the Top 10 of several well known secondary country music charts including Nashvilles New Music Weekly Magazines' Main Country Top 40 Her music has garnered lots of positive publicity such as having her biography for her CD release written by the late Patsi Bale Cox who was Garth Brooks publicist for over 20 years and helped the likes of Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn, and Wynonna Judd and she said "Sam… is a talent that demands to be heard and once you listen you will never forget."

"Sam… is a talent that demands to be heard and once you will never forget"
Patsi Bale Cox - Publicist for Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Loretta Lynn and Wynonna Judd

Sam Roark has been mentioned twice in Nashvilles' Music Row magazine by highly regarded music critic, Robert K. Oremann, featured on Microsoft Windows Media Music Guides main page with mega stars Madonna and Beyonce.

Legendary Nashville singer, songwriter, producer, Cowboy Jack Clement lauded Sam for the innate "calming" quality of her voice, and others have called her THE most talented new country singer they have heard in a long long time with a sound reminiscent to some of the great country female singers of the 60s and 70s.

Along the way of her musical career she has been gained many accolades from her peers in Nashville and is well known in Nashville, Tennessee while performing throughout KY and surrounding states with her super talented, high energy, hard rocking band "South Rock" which in the past has included an Austin City Saloon favorite -Dillon Carmichael.

Her hit song “Whiskey” found her standing on The Grand Ole Opry stage with the international independent music elite last year receiving the Josie Music Award for Country Song of the Year. She made yet another trip to the stage, this time to the Opry's Circle to accept the honor this year as Country Female Vocalist of the Year as a result of her hard and deserving work in 2023.

Also well worth noting is at this year's Josie Music Fest - a wonderful pre-cursor, excitement builder and celebration of independent music at its best, Sam was selected out of a sea of applicants to perform at the celebration. Held this year at The Nashville Zoo, the acoustic presentation of Josie Music Nominees was celebrated and on display for delighted music and animal lovers to enjoy for the entire day. In addition, fans of the artists got to enjoy the work of local live animation and the artists who lent their talent in a unique way while the artists were performing.

Overtones LIVE has had the distinct honor of showcasing this award winning singer/songwriter at her acoustic best in 2023 at Corbin, KY's Austin City Saloon. It has been an honor and a blessing to get to know Sam, her beautiful fiance, Julianna Montoya and her kind father, Robert Reid, who together, along with their blended families, have been the wind beneath Sam's and many other musical Kentuckians wings!

Here is an acoustic performance of her award winning song - "Whiskey" performed on the Austin City Saloon, Corbin, KY stage. Congratulations to Sam Roark on being named The Josie Music Awards Country Female Vocalist of the Year.

Renee Collins Cobb, M.Ed. and Warren Cobb are Executive Producers of Overtones LIVE, Gray Matters Radio Show/ Podcasts. They are co-owners of Listen Locally, LLC, as well as Executive Directors and Founders of Room 17 Productions, a non-profit 501c3 organization. We are also partners in Dreamland Entertainment Group and The Scribe TV Network.

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