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Recorded at Austin City Saloon in Lexington, Kentucky

If you're looking for an always interesting radio show to listen to, Overtones LIVE is for you. Our multi-genre radio show's live performances and interviews are recorded before a weekly audience at Austin City Saloon in Lexington, Kentucky. We are proud to serve the Kentucky and Tri-state area with some of the most inspiring and engaging radio content out there. Tune in to experience our entertaining and top shelf quality live music performance shows. Check out our schedule. We hope to become your favorite show!


Wednesday Night


The historic and world famous Austin City Saloon has been home to Country music fans in Lexington, Kentucky since 1981. Some of the biggest names in Country music have not only graced the stage but have launched their own careers here. Including Greg Austin, John Michael Montgomery, Exile, Montgomery Gentry, George Molton, Avery Crabtree, Dylan Carmichael, and Tyler Booth. Overtones is thrilled to be able to record our show from this great venue.


Overtones LIVE's audio was remixed and edited at Jobu's Rum Recording Studio

Garrick Howell

Jobu's Rum Recording studio is located in Georgetown, Kentucky. Recording Engineer Garrick Howell helped us kick off our first several Overtones LIVE shows with his editing and mixing magic each week to helped us turn out some of the finest sounding radio show produced in Kentucky. Call him at 859-227-6275 for your next recording project!


Overtones LIVE is now mixed by Fatman Studios

The Best Music On Air

Overtones LIVE is so incredibly thankful for the service provided by Garrick Howell of Jobu’s Rum Recording Studio for mixing our early shows and getting them ready for broadcasting since we embarked on this new format last August. Garrick is preparing to re-enter post Covid world with gigs as he is also a tremendous performer, singer/songwriter among his many talents. He is now pleased and ready to pass the mixing baton to Nathan Pendleton

of Fatman Recording Studio.

Fatman Recording Studio started a year ago as a live streaming venue for artists and bands whose schedules were disrupted by Covid. Nathan Pendleton

 adds "We're really excited to be mixing shows for Overtones LIVE, one of the few stages you can count on to bring regular live entertainment to people at home. 

Overtones LIVE is not only helping to keep the local music community alive, they are also doing their part to keep people safe without missing out.

Fatman Recording Studio is entirely funded by donations from listeners who support their mission. you can help the support the artists that we support by goingto and clicking the links to music and merch in each video description


Our weekly talented
Overtones LIVE Co-hosts

Changes weekly

Each week, Renee Collins Cobb asks a special guest to sit in, co-host, and interview our featured musical artist during our live taping. This experience has been great for both our audience and our musical guests being interviewed.